You’ve probably chosen a door closer for your business’ doors for security and convenience. But a slamming door closer can compromise both. It may startle customers and staff, perhaps even making customer feel unwelcome. Plus, a malfunctioning door closer will slowly damage the door. Although sometimes the cause isn’t even the door closer’s fault. Here’s how to find out why your door closer is slamming, fix it, and prevent the problem in the future.

Pressure Problems

Your door closer may not be at fault at all for your slamming door. Sometimes major pressure problems in your building can cause your door to slam shut. Your door closer might slow this process a bit, making it look like your closer is slamming the door. Instead, wind from an open door or window somewhere else is forcing the door shut.

The fix: You can open a window near the door. Or you can close the windows or doors that are letting the wind in. If the pressure problem is created by the HVAC system, you’ll need professional help.

Loose Screws

All door closers have regulating screws and valves. These control the pressure inside the door closer. Low pressure can cause the door to slam. And high pressure can cause it to close too slowly.

The fix: Adjusting the screws will solve this problem. Typically, you need to turn the regulating screws clockwise, resetting the pressure. Then you need to open the valves to adjust the levels. Somewhere near one and half turns may work. If not, the professionals can help.

Door Not Plumb

From damage or age, your door may have become crooked in the doorway. It may not be level when it closes. In this case, the door closer is not to blame for the slamming.

The fix: You’ll need a professional to realign the door. Sometimes this may involve replacing the door entirely. But, choosing a high-quality door and making sure the door closer is working properly will prevent this issue from cropping up again.

Damaged Closer

Sometimes the problem is the closer and there’s not much that can be done. Damage and age can both break internal components of the closer so that it will keep slamming the door.

The fix: Sometimes closers can be fixed but it may be best to just get it replaced entirely. Your commercial door contractor can help you decide if your closer can be saved.

Hinge Issues

Your door’s hinges may hold it at such an angle that it slams shut regardless of the door closer. Eventually this problem can get worse as the door is under stress from the hinge, the closer, and potentially other hardware too.

The fix: Your hinges need to be set straight. A professional can help you with this task. It’ll involve drilling new holes in the door or the wall.

Avoid Door Closer Problems

Many of the problems that develop with door closers can be avoided if the closer and the door are installed properly in the first place.