An automatic door operator is one of the most useful door hardware options. It can turn your manually-operated door into an automatic door. Automatic door operators are attached to the top of the door and, when triggered, they open the door so that the user doesn’t have to open it themselves. The operator waits for a set period of time to walk through the door, and then it securely closes the door behind them.

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of automatic doors and the benefits you can get from installing one on your door.

How an Automatic Door Operator Works

Automatic door operators are powered, using electricity to open the door. These operators also have some kind of safety feature to prevent closing on the person walking through. Usually, this is a sensor mounted on the top of the door that can guide the operator to open the door as well as alert it if a person is still in the doorway.

Most kinds of automatic door operators need to be triggered by something to begin opening the door. Some will only activate when a person begins to open the door, but others are purely automatic. The operator may rely on a motion sensor that triggers when someone walks up to the door. Or, it may be opened by a pushbutton. Typically, these pushbuttons are for accessible doors placed low on the wall so those in wheelchairs can push them. Lastly, you may also get an automatic door operator that will only open when an access control system triggers it.

Types of Automatic Door Operators

There are several types of automatic door operators for different circumstances:

  • Power assist: These automatic door operators help people open the door manually. They are great for making heavier doors easier to open.
  • Low energy: These automatic door operators move the door slower than normal, which is ideal for doors that people may take a lot of time to get through or for doors that those with mobility disabilities frequently use.
  • Full energy: These are the typical automatic door operators that move the doors completely independently of the user, at the regular speed.

Why Choose an Automatic Door Operator?

There are plenty of benefits to adding an automatic door operator to your doors. Here are a few reasons to choose them:

  • Low cost: Adding an automatic door operator can be more affordable than switching out your manual door with an automatic door. It may not work as seamlessly or look as good, but it also means you get to keep your current manual door. And if you’re happy with your current manual door, that’s a huge plus.
  • User convenience: Welcome people onto your property without asking them to lift a finger. Automatic doors of any kind are convenient and often expected by customers. It helps that they limit the spread of germs and make moving things in and out of your property convenient.
  • ADA requirements: Automatic door operators can help you meet ADA standards for your doors, avoiding fines and making your business more accessible.

If you have questions about automatic door operators, like which are the best quality and how long it takes to install them, reach out to us at CLAD.