Commercial Doors in Walnut Creek

A door isn’t just an entryway. It’s how you greet customers, and how your staff start their day. Your door might also be how you deter would-be thieves or those who would try to gain access to your building without permission. Your commercial doors are critical for the success of your business and the security of your property. So, get better doors from CLAD. We offer high-quality commercial doors in Walnut Creek, on short notice and with exceptional customer service.

our team offers high-quality commercial doors in Walnut Creek
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Automatic Door Repair

Many businesses rely on automatic doors to ensure that their customers can get in the door. In a retail or business environment, your customers might need an automatic door in order to get in. Those with disabilities, or who have their hands full with bags, expect working automatic doors as a basic courtesy.

What happens when your automatic doors aren’t working? Customers are frustrated and may decide not to enter your property at all. That’s why we at CLAD ensure that our response times for storefront repair are fast, so we can fix your door before you turn away business. We have AAADM certification which means we are authorized to work on and inspect automatic doors.

Security Door Installation

Not all doors are meant to be welcoming. Some buildings, or sections of your building, need to be off-limits for specific people or to members of the general public. A good security door will look tough and challenging to break into, to dissuade people before they even attempt it. At CLAD we can install security doors that fit your specific needs, including:

  • Galvanized steel: Exterior security doors should be galvanized to prevent rust and damage. Afterall, a door that looks like a liability is a liability.
  • Fire doors: In the event of a fire, fire doors seal off certain parts of your building from smoke and flames. They are common in commercial kitchens, for example.
  • Steel-stiffened doors: These doors present a serious challenge to anyone who would seek to break in. The vertical steel bar adds considerable strength to the door.

You can also allow access to your building through an access control system. We install OpenPath, a triple-redundancy system that allows you to monitor each access point from a single monitor. This system can easily fulfill your needs, whether you’re a small retail store or a huge medical facility.

security door installation

What About the Building Codes?

At CLAD, we’re familiar with and compliant with the building codes that govern external doors, including:

  • ADA compliance
  • NFPA compliance
  • AHJ compliance
  • Fire inspection corrections

We can advise you on how to become compliant with all of these codes so that your business doesn’t face penalties.

Why Work with CLAD?

Why get your commercial doors in Walnut Creek from CLAD? We’re the local team that has smart business practices that make your life easier. For example, we keep the equipment we need to replace doors on hand. With the competition, you may wait four or more weeks to get your door replaced, but with us it’ll be much faster.

Reach out to us today for any kind of commercial door in Walnut Creek.

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