Storefront Repair & Installation

Storefront Door Installation & Repair for Businesses in the Bay Area

It shouldn’t be hard for your customers to walk into your storefront. In fact, the more obstacles you put in their way, the worse impression they get of your business. Plus, your storefront doors need to comply with building codes, be secure enough to prevent theft, and be simple to operate.

There are a lot of demands on your storefront door, but at CLAD we can install doors that are up to the challenge. Or, we can come in quickly to repair your existing storefront doors that are stuck, that slam shut, or that just interfere with your customer’s enjoyment of your store.

Our team works with all aluminum glass storefronts:

  • Manual storefronts
  • Automatic storefronts
Storefront sliding glass automatic door installed for business in Dublin

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Repairing the storefront door at Parkwest Casino 580 in Livermore, California

Manual Storefront Door Repair

If your storefront door is no longer working properly, you’re not just inconveniencing your customers. You may also be making your store less accessible for those with disabilities, or those who are pushing strollers or trying to carry bags of your merchandise out the door.

We know it’s important to quickly resolve your door problems. And, that it’s frustrating to have to call your door company back because they didn’t fix the problem completely the first time. That’s why we have a guaranteed response time and thorough, well-trained staff who are all dedicated to finishing the job. We’ll make your storefront door repair simple for you.

Manual Storefront Door Installation

Most retail locations have automatic doors, so customers are used to convenience and speed when they walk in. If your location is going to have a manual door, you need to be sure that it looks great, operates logically, and moves without much pressure.

The CLAD team works with the best manufacturers, so that we can provide you with the best storefront doors. The customer experience starts at the door. A beautiful, durable door will make a better first impression.

manual storefront door successfully repaired

Storefront Door Hardware

Your storefront hardware needs to balance security and ease of use. You don’t want someone breaking in when you’re closed, but you don’t want customers to struggle to walk in. Not all brands create door hardware that is up to the unique challenges of a commercial setting. However, CLAD has found the best options from the best manufacturers, to make your choice of storefront door hardware simple. Let our experts advise you.

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Closeup photo of door push bar and other hardware

“Commando Style” Storefront Door Repairs

Having a broken storefront door can be a major inconvenience to everyone involved. It can make it harder to lock up at night, harder for customers to access your business, and it can send the wrong message to your customers.

While it can take other storefront door contractors weeks to repair even a simple door, our no-nonsense technicians stocks a wide variety of storefront equipment on hand for rapid repairs.

Sliding automatic door installed for watch and jewelry repair business in Fremont, California

We Also Cover Automatic Storefront Doors

For many types of businesses, customers expect you to have an automatic door system. These systems provide extra convenience and safety to all of your customers, allowing greater foot traffic, less congestion, and less physical contact with your property.

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Storefront Door Repair in Dublin & Beyond

Our team is proud to serve businesses in Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton, and beyond.

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