Your steel door is supposed to project security, strength, and confidence. It should send a message that says, “don’t even bother wasting your time trying to break into me.” However, even surface damage to a security door sends the opposite message, making would-be thieves wonder if the door is compromised enough to break into. When your steel door is damaged, you need a fix, but should it be replacement or repair?

As far as your budget is concerned, repair seems like the best option upfront and there are many circumstances where it is. But, you certainly don’t want to repair the door and just have it break again or repair a door that is too compromised and needs to be replaced to ensure it is secure. Our professionals can help you decide but, in the meantime, here is a quick rundown of whether you should typically repair or replace your steel door, depending on what is wrong with it.


Verdict: Replace

If your security door has rusted over, it may seem like a surface issue. However, rust actually develops inside these doors first, significantly compromising their strength. If you try to gouge into the rust, you’ll find it is deeper and more pervasive than it seems. Plus, when your door has any rust, it likely isn’t suited for an outdoor environment or the coating has broken down such that the rest of the door will rust too. We recommend replacement.

Hinge Damage

Verdict: Repair

Depending on the source of the hinge damage, most can be repaired. Hinge damage often occurs when staff misuse the door, propping it open, knocking items into them, etc. So long as the core of the door has not been damaged, we can repair it usually without even swapping out the hinges for new ones. Although, on fire doors, this may compromise their performance. Typically, problems with fire doors merit replacement. Otherwise, we can usually do a repair.


Verdict: Replace

Sure, some spray paint on your door won’t merit replacement, just an annoying clean-up job. But that is not the type of vandalism we’re talking about. If someone has tried to defeat the door by prying it, taking an axe to it, or driving something into it, then it needs to be replaced. The door has done its job in protecting your property, but it is unlikely to stand up to such treatment again.

Dents and Holes

Verdict: Repair

Small dents and small holes can both be repaired so long as the damage is on the surface and hasn’t compromised the core of the door. We can sand a refinish dents and weld holes shut. Although, we will also let you know if the damage is too deep and has compromised the integrity of the door.

Other Issues

There are many other issues that might develop with your door. In general, we recommend replacement when the door isn’t square, when it has delamination or other serious issues. Reach out to us to discuss what your door requires.