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A Variety of Services for All Your Commercial Opening Needs

CLAD specializes in both doors and their locks, or access systems. We offer installations, repairs and complete access solutions for commercial and industrial clients.

With our quick response and honest communication, the CLAD team stands out. Unlike our competitors, CLAD does not focus on just one part of the system but places equal emphasis on the quality of your entire opening – doors, hardware and access control.

Standard lock and key system for a business's exterior doors
Exterior glass double doors

Exterior Doors

Office buildings, restaurants, factories, industrial properties, all need exterior doors that combine beauty and durability. You may need automatic doors to help your customers get inside, or metal doors for security at the back of your property. Our team is AAADM certified, so we can work on, inspect and maintain your automatic doors and we carry a stock of metal doors to make their replacement quick and easy.

  • Repair: Doors that slam, leak, or get stuck may need to be repaired.
  • Replace: If your exterior door can’t be repaired, or if you need an upgrade to benefit your business, we can help you find the exact door that fits your needs.
  • Hardware: We have a range of door hardware options that make your door more functional and safer. For example, we have push bars to help people exit in emergencies, or door closers to ensure your door closes after use.
  • Access control systems: We have both network and standalone access control systems to secure your doors and business. We have partnered with OpenPath for our network access control solutions as their systems allow touchless operation and administrative control via one’s mobile device.

Interior Doors

We repair and replace interior doors and their hardware as well. You may need an access system for your interior doors, or some of them, to restrict access to specific parts of your facility. Or, you may have other unique needs for your interior doors, such as:

  • ADA and handicap doors: Are your doors as accessible as your customers need them to be? We’ll make it simple for you to follow ADA regulations.
  • Fire rated doors: We have our Raceway Installer’s Certification from Intertek, which means that we can modify and recertify your fire doors in the field. We install and repair exterior fire doors as well.
Interior metal doors installed by the CLAD team

Businesses We Work With

  • Builders & Contractors
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Retail
  • Healthcare, Laboratories, Nursing Homes & Medical Services
  • Property Management & Real Estate
  • Municipal & Government Buildings
  • Schools & Places of Worship
  • Offices & Campuses
  • And more

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