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Doors are your customer’s entry point into your business and sometimes their first real contact with your business. Set them off on the right foot by making a good impression with smooth, high-quality doors. They speak more about your business than you might imagine. And you can get those that send the right message by working with CLAD.

We offer commercial doors in Rocklin that will help you impress customers and make their entry and exit simple instead of getting stuck and standing in their way.

one of the commercial doors in Rocklin that our team installed
automatic door repaired by our pros

Automatic Door Repair

While automatic doors haven’t been around for too long, they have quickly become the expectation of every customer at virtually every store. When your automatic doors aren’t working properly, customers quickly get frustrated and may take their business elsewhere. At CLAD, we understand that the longer your door goes without a fix, the longer your business suffers.

We provide fast, thorough automatic door repair services. We have AAADM certification, which authorizes us to work on and inspect automatic doors. Unlike many other commercial locksmiths, our team is highly knowledgeable about these doors and how they operate. We can explain exactly what’s gone wrong and we bring the tools and most parts with us to correct the door right away.

Automatic Door Installation

When your door can’t be repaired, or when it isn’t cost-effective to repair it, we can help you choose a new one from the leading manufacturers. This will ensure that you will get years of reliable use out of your next automatic door. You may be surprised to learn that there are many different opening styles of automatic doors which may suit your business. That includes:

  • Automatic swinging doors: These swing open and are best for one-way traffic.
  • Automatic sliding doors: The classic automatic door, these doors slide open. They are best for bi-directional traffic.
  • Automatic folding doors: These fold open, providing greater clearance.
  • Automatic telescoping doors: These open wider than other doors, which is useful when you need to fit larger objects through your doors.
automatic sliding doors installed by our professional team

Commercial Door Hardware

Hardware are all the parts of a door that make it functional, from the handle to let you open the door to the kick plate that protects it from damage. Your door will be more reliable and often more beautiful when you have higher-quality hardware. The right hardware can also make your door more functional, solving problems you, your staff, or your customers might face at your entrances.

We have hardware options from some of the top brands, and we can tell you which of their offerings are great, and when you might want to look elsewhere. Here are some of the brands we trust for front of house solutions:

  • Von Duprin: Trust this brand for exceptionally high-quality, particularly in exit devices.
  • Adams Rite: Choose aluminum glass storefront hardware that will fit wide and narrow doors.
  • LCN Hardware: They offer stronger, more durable door closers.

Trust Great Doors

And trust the team at CLAD to get you them. If you need commercial doors in Rocklin, reach out to us today.

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