Commercial Doors in Jackson

Your commercial doors don’t need to sacrifice security and safety for accessibility and convenience. The team at CLAD offers commercial doors in Jackson that can make your property more functional and support your business’ success. We carry doors and hardware options from leading manufacturers and have the skill and experience to install and repair them properly and quickly.

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Automatic Doors

Since they were invented, automatic doors have become ubiquitous because they are convenient, sanitary and inviting. Customers expect automatic doors to work quickly and smoothly, so when they don’t, customers can develop a very negative impression of your business.

We understand that responding quickly to your automatic repair needs is important to keep your business operating. Even though repairing automatic doors is complicated, we can handle it quickly. While others take weeks to get parts, we bring most parts and work with a network of suppliers to get more in quickly. We typically fix automatic doors in a day or two.

Security Doors

In Jackson, having secure doors to protect your business is vital. We offer high-quality metal security doors from some of the best manufacturers (such as Steelcraft, Curries and Ceco) that will help deter and resist unauthorized entry. Metal doors that are in good condition often discourage criminals from even attempting to break in. But, if they don’t, a steel-stiffened door with an internal vertical steel bar can resist heavy abuse and keep your property safe.

Those who want to get the most out of their security doors may want to opt for galvanized steel. This material stands up to the elements and won’t rust, making it a great option for external back-of-house entry points. Plus, the steel can withstand corrosive environments, useful in some factories.

commercial door closer hardware installed to a business property

Commercial Door Hardware

Quality door hardware can boost the security, safety, and functionality of your commercial doors. For example, add push bars to fire doors so that people can evacuate more quickly in the event of a fire. Or, add door closers to make sure that doors close securely behind staff, whether they remember to close them or not. There is a wide variety of commercial door hardware that may benefit you.

When you’re choosing hardware, it’s vital that you get the right kinds for your needs. It’s also important that you get quality hardware that will perform well for years to minimize your repair needs and maximize your investment. We can guide you to choose the best hardware for you.

Your Commercial Locksmith

Why choose the team at CLAD to handle your commercial lock and door needs? We understand your needs as a business and always strive to deliver top customer service. We can get you access to smart options like low energy automatic doors, kick plates, and quality access control systems. With in-depth knowledge, friendly attitudes, and professional standards, every member of our team is simple to work with. You’ll appreciate that we go above and beyond with appointment reminders, personalized follow-up calls and, of course, workmanship that is second to none.

Serving Jackson, CA and Beyond

Our team is proud to serve your commercial door needs in Jackson, Plymouth, Scottsville, Mokelumne Hill, Sutter Creek, San Andreas, Pine Grove, and more.

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