Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial Door Hardware Repair & Installation

Hardware is what makes a door functional. Typically, no one notices hardware until it doesn’t work. If the door shuts too hard, won’t automatically open, or stops halfway, staff and customers will get frustrated. When you need your hardware repaired or replaced, you need a quick response and professionals who care to finish the job the first time. That’s what you’ll get from CLAD.

Extremely secure door with multiple safety and security devices

Front of House Door Hardware

Your front doors are your hello. They set the tone for your interaction with anyone who walks through them. You want hardware that unlocks seamlessly for customers and staff, without confusion or the need to swipe a card twice. Make sure your front door experience is seamless with these brands’ hardware.

Von Duprin

This brand has a wide range of exterior door solutions for the front and back of the house. In the front, Von Duprin offers beautiful, reliable hardware that will make for a smooth entry and exit experience. When you want the best, most reliable, highest quality hardware – you want Von Duprin. Their exit devices and push bars are world renown.

Adams Rite

This brand is known for its aluminum glass storefront hardware.  It has options that will work for both wide and narrow storefront doors.

LCN Hardware

This brand focuses on top-of-the-line door closers in terms of strength and durability. Don’t settle for a knock off of their 4040 series when you can get the real thing.

Back of House Door Hardware

Your back of house door hardware is essential because people may need to rely on them in an emergency. Further, those who want to gain access to your building through illicit means often target the back door. They need to be easily openable from inside and challenging to break into from outside. There are several hardware solutions you might choose:

Von Duprin commercial door push bar installed in Livermore, California

Push Bars

Push bars allow people to open backdoors quickly while they are rushing. There’s no turning of a knob or need to open a lock. As they are so crucial in emergencies, you need push bars that work smoothly every time. That said, they also need to be secure. We offer push bars from Securitech, which focus on added security with their Trident multipoint locks.

LCN door closer hardware installed

Door Closers

Carrying in a package? A door closer will help out. These devices guide back doors closed, but slowly. As a result, doors never slam in someone’s face. They close slowly enough that you have time to get your package outside, but not so slowly that they are a security concern. Door closers are a must for most entry or exit doors.

Wrist pull installed on a bathroom door

Foot and Elbow Door Openers

If operating one of your interior doors by hand is a problem, installing a foot or elbow door opener could be the answer.

Foot door openers allow employees and customers to open doors inward using their foot. Foot door pulls are especially popular additions in bathrooms, where customers are more conscious about spreading germs.

Elbow door openers allow people to open a door inward using just their elbow. Elbow door pulls are especially popular in restaurants, where carrying a tray of food can make it difficult to operate a door.

Commercial back of house door with closer, push bar, and additional security features installed in an industrial property

Other Exterior Door Hardware We Service and Install

  • Cylindrical Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Exit Devices
  • Continuous Hinges
  • Removable Mullions
  • Thresholds
  • Weatherstripping
  • IC Cores
  • Master Key Systems and Rekeys
  • Access Control Systems

Forced Entry Products by Securitech

Turn your next break-in into a failed attempt with the help of Securitech’s forced entry hardware.


The Trident system provides multi-point deadbolt action for your back of house doors, without impeding everyday use. The secret is a single-motion system that simultaneously retracts all moving bolts, keeping your door safe, secure, and fire code compliant.

Auto-Bolt Max

The Auto-Bolt Max combines the security of a multi-point deadbolt system with the simplicity of a latch lock. With a quick turn of the handle, you can simultaneously lock or unlock five stainless steel deadbolts strategically mounted at multiple points in your door frame. These systems can work with key or access control, and are available in multiple mounting options.

Code Compliance

There are several building codes that govern external doors, and we are equipped for all of them:

  • ADA Compliance
  • NFPA Compliance
  • AHJ Compliance
  • Fire Inspection Corrections

What combination of hardware is right for your front of house and back of house doors? Let our expert team guide you to make the right decisions for your property and business.

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