Door Security

High-security doors are a smart addition to many kinds of businesses, but navigating your options can be a challenge. From multi-point locks and access control systems to fire ratings and insurance implications, there is a lot to learn, and more to keep track of.

If you need help with your business’s door security anywhere in the SF East Bay, our team is happy to help. Learn about our metal door repair and installation services, our options for commercial exterior doors, fire rated doors, and our options for commercial door hardware. You’re also welcome to call or contact us any time for a free one-on-one consultation.

Protecting Your Access Control from Cloud Security Vulnerabilities

You typically hear two things about Cloud-based access control systems: they are convenient and cost-effective but also not as secure as a locally hosted option. However, that isn’t necessarily true. There are many steps that a security company can take to make their cloud security more secure and a better option for you than local [...]

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Why You Need a Panic Lock for Emergency Exits

When you’re planning out your commercial doors, there is a balance between safety and security. You need to achieve both strong doors and locks that protect the property and safe doors that can be opened easily to allow people to escape dangerous situations. You can have total security and safety. One of the best ways [...]

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Should I Grout My Steel Door’s Frame?

Grout is a matter of security, more than you may realize. Many property managers wonder if they should add grout to their steel door’s frame. You might think that it will improve the stability of the door but, depending on the circumstances, it may actually undermine the security of your door. It is a common [...]

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Cloud-based Access Control vs. Legacy Systems

Could managing your property’s security be easier, or is cloud-based access control not right for you? Newer access control systems have been designed to work with the cloud. Cloud-based systems may be more convenient for you, as they allow you to avoid having a server onsite to run the access control system. But does that [...]

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