Door Hardware

Push bars, door closers, locks, and hinges all look deceptively simple, but choosing the wrong hardware can make your doors cumbersome, unsafe, or unpractical for daily use.

If you need help repairing, choosing, or installing door hardware in the SF East Bay, we can help. Just give us a call today to get started.

Why is My Door Closer Slamming?

You’ve probably chosen a door closer for your business’ doors for security and convenience. But a slamming door closer can compromise both. It may startle customers and staff, perhaps even making customer feel unwelcome. Plus, a malfunctioning door closer will slowly damage the door. Although sometimes the cause isn’t even the door closer’s fault. Here’s [...]

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How to Fix a Deadbolt that Spins

You have a deadbolt or deadlock on your door, but when you put the key in and turn it, it just spins. The locking mechanism doesn’t click, and your door remains unlocked. Or, your door started out locked and won’t come unlocked no matter how many times you turn the key around (which is potentially [...]

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Maintaining Fire Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors save lives. That is, if they are working, which is why maintaining your fire-rated doors is so important. Fire doors that close automatically in the events of a fire can seal sections of your building off from those in flame. This protection buys people time to act and can help limit damage to [...]

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A Definitive Guide to Restricted Key Systems for Commercial Buildings

Nowadays, many businesses are using restricted key access for commercial door locks due to its many benefits. This solution is becoming a viable option for enterprises that require a high level of security. From restricting access to specific parts of your business to creating a safer arrangement for your staff, using a restricted key system [...]

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