Automatic Doors

Customers expect many kinds of businesses to have automatic doors, but adding one to a smaller business can be a smart, subtle way to stand out.

But finding a local company that can service automatic doors isn’t always simple, and it’s easy for a less ethical company to cause problems if you don’t understand what you’re getting into.

If you’re in the SF East Bay, such as Walnut Creek or San Ramon, make CLAD your go-to company for automatic door installation and service. Learn more about our automatic door services or contact us today to speak one-on-one with one of our technicians.

The 6 Types of Automatic Commercial Doors

Are you thinking about how people enter your commercial property? Different commercial doors create a different experience for your customers, staff and guests. Choosing one that works with your space can make visiting your property more convenient and simpler. Some doors also offer special features, like low energy usage and low air exchange that can [...]

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The Best Door Options for Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospitals and other medical centers have very unique needs for their doors. A suitable door needs to be hygienic, secure, easily opened in emergencies, easily opened by different people, well-insulated for sound and energy-efficient. With all these competing needs, it’s a bit of a challenge to find a suitable door for exterior and interior use [...]

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9 Reasons to Switch to an Automatic Door

Does your property have manual doors at the front entrance? Even beautiful, functional manual doors aren’t as welcoming as automatic ones. And many manual doors are easily broken and dated. Upgrading to newer glass and aluminum automatic doors can benefit you, your property, and your business in some unexpected ways, whether you run a storefront, [...]

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9 Ways to Make Your Retail Store More Inviting

Have you noticed that you are missing out on some foot traffic? Attracting more customers and increasing your footfall is key to helping your business succeed, period. Whether you’ve always struggled with getting people in the door, or you’re trying to recover from COVID losses, you can get your sales back on track by focusing [...]

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