Shoplifting Prevention Tips for 2021

Shoplifting has always been a problem for retail businesses, but the added challenges of 2020 have changed things. Whether you're getting ready to reopen after a long hiatus or whether you've been open for some time and are looking to beef up your loss prevention, we hope that these tips help you protect your inventory [...]

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How to Protect Your Access Control System from Hackers

You rely on your access control system to keep your facility safe. However, just like any physical or digital system, it is potentially vulnerable to hackers and those who would want to gain unauthorized access to your property and the other systems in your building. Access control systems can connect to other things on your [...]

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How to Fix a Deadbolt that Spins

You have a deadbolt or deadlock on your door, but when you put the key in and turn it, it just spins. The locking mechanism doesn’t click, and your door remains unlocked. Or, your door started out locked and won’t come unlocked no matter how many times you turn the key around (which is potentially [...]

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