How to Fix a Deadbolt that Spins

You have a deadbolt or deadlock on your door, but when you put the key in and turn it, it just spins. The locking mechanism doesn’t click, and your door remains unlocked. Or, your door started out locked and won’t come unlocked no matter how many times you turn the key around (which is potentially [...]

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Fire Safety Checklist for Warehouses

Fires are significant risks for warehouses. Firs can seriously endanger staff, destroy inventory, and cause costly property damage. Recovering from a fire can cost valuable time and, if it causes the violation of contracts, may lower the reputation of your business. Having a comprehensive fire safety plan is important to protect people, reduce liability, and [...]

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How to Recognize a Commercial Locksmith Scam

When you’re suddenly locked out of your business, your stress levels skyrocket. There are many unscrupulous characters out there looking to take advantage of frantic business owners and managers facing this situation. Commercial locksmith scams are common, but you can protect yourself and your business from them with a bit of knowledge. We’ll also tell [...]

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10+ Types of Access Control Systems

When choosing an access control system, it is wise to look into the different types of access control systems before you start to look at brands. While each brand will promote their best features, comparing them may be challenging. Further, you may not know until it’s installed if there is a feature that some types [...]

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What is an Automatic Door Operator?

An automatic door operator is one of the most useful door hardware options. It can turn your manually-operated door into an automatic door. Automatic door operators are attached to the top of the door and, when triggered, they open the door so that the user doesn’t have to open it themselves. The operator waits for [...]

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