Who likes fumbling around with keys? Even when you can find them, doors used as often as a business’ will often develop lock problems, so you have to put pressure on the door to open and close it. Not only can keyless options be more convenient and efficient, but they can also be more secure than keyed doors. You can use an access control system that digitally controls the locks on your doors. These systems can accommodate at least five different entry options that don’t involve keys.

1. Biometric

Do you know what you can’t forget on your way to work? Yourself! Access control systems with biometric scans take a scan of a part of your body in order to confirm that it is you and grant you access. You could get a system that scans your hand, fingerprint, or eye. Some systems combine another method of entry along with the biometric identification. Either way, these systems are highly secure and convenient, perfect for a large company with many people who need to gain access to the building.

2. Keypads

While they are a little less secure than biometric scans, simply having a keypad for entry can be a very convenient option. You can have an electronic keypad on the door that simply allows in anyone who knows the passcode. These allow for fast and consistent entry. However, your employees may share the code. You’ll also need to change the code every time an employee leaves the company, which will mean alerting every other employee about the change. That’s why keypads are best for small organizations or to lock off a specific part of your building that only a handful of people need access to.

3. Key Fobs

Key fobs are a great option when physical keys have become frustrating. They are more versatile and convenient than keys. First, you don’t need to change the locks or issue new keys when someone leaves the company. Instead, you disable their keyfob. Further, key fobs grant faster access than keys. Plus, you can customize keyfobs to allow people to access only certain doors. This is highly useful for a business that needs to control access to smaller spaces, floors, or rooms within the building. Or a business that needs to grant some users access to multiple buildings.

Yes, you and your team will still need to remember your keyfobs. But, it is much simpler to replace a lost keyfob than a lost key.

4. Intercoms

Intercoms are a great option for spaces where you need to have many different people coming in the building, but you also need to ensure it is secure. One person monitors the intercom, allows in verified visitors, and turns others away. Or you can have a system where multiple people can monitor the intercom. You can find intercom systems in residential buildings, but they are also useful for daycares, retirement homes, and more.

5. Phones

While you might forget your keys, the odds you forget your phone are much smaller. Many access control systems, like OpenPath smart readers, can grant users access when they are carrying their smartphone. Some require you to wave the phone in front of a sensor, but newer models just require that the phone is on your person, for the ultimate in convenience.

What Kind of Keyless Entry Option is Right For My Business?

Not surprisingly, it depends. If you operate a business with longer hours, like many in Jackson, it makes sense to prioritize convenient options that need less tech support, such as intercoms and keypads. It you operate a business in the medical industry, like many of our clients in Walnut Creek, a biometric option that logs usage might be a better fit.

In the end, the best option is to speak with an expert. Working with a consultant or security specialist to determine your business’s most viable options will save you time and money in the long run, especially if it stops a break in.